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Planning, starting and maintaining Enterprise Architecture is complex and time consuming. As an architect you are faced with many problems to solve and decisions to make. Now, what if there was a solution that could give your standards-driven project a kick-start and provide a structured way of maintaining your work? Luckily, there is.

BEASI is a software plugin for the cost-efficient modeling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect. Keep reading and discover how BEASI makes your job easier and your projects more profitable.

Turbocharge your Sparx workflow


Working with international standards are paramount for profitable EA. BEASI adds the power of the Open Group standards TOGAF 9.1 and ArchiMate 3 to the modeling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect. With pre-configured integrations at your fingertips you'll save valuable time at the planning stage. Enjoy the productivity boost of a complete integration, ready to use.


  • Shorter lead time
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced business risks


How can we collaborate using the same material at the same time? This is one of the most common and significant questions for an Architect. With BEASI, a standardized structure and a central repository allow several change initiatives to happen simultaneously, while clarifying how projects affect one another.


  • Improved collaboration for teams
  • A standardized structure
  • A central repository

Share & reuse

One of the greater practical benefits of EA is that what is created can – and should – be reused. But how is reusage accomplished? How do organisations preserve their structural capital over time? 

With BEASI reports and documents can easily be generated and shared. Clearly expressed models of objects and their relations makes it painless to share your work without misunderstandings. This enables reusage of all material, saving you time and money.


  • Easily share and reuse
  • Save time and money
  • Aid decision making


A standardized method enables everyone to work from the same page and the work to be integrated into one piece. BEASI adds the popular TOGAF 9.1 as a framework and method to Sparx EA. 

TOGAF provides you with a clear and precise work process, ensuring that the right project is started. You’ll minimize the risk that time and money are spent on the wrong things. With TOGAF’s renowned ADM process you will develop architecture and make change projects more efficient. Above all, TOGAF provides you with a common vocabulary to smoothly work between different organisations and across geographical borders. 


  • An explicit architecture work process
  • An effective method with nine practical phases
  • Integration across organizations
  • Secure ROI and results


In order to describe architecture you need a standardized language, a so-called notation. With BEASI, you get access to ArchiMate as a notation in Sparx. ArchiMate is the most popular notation and will ensure that everything created in the architecture is easy to unite and to interpret. 


  • Covers all model layers so that your EA work is aligned 
  • Easily describes complex, cross-border relationships
  • Well integrated with TOGAF
  • Easy-to-use and optimized
  • Open and independent standard


BEASI is a product developed by Biner Consulting. We are experienced consultants and trainers specialised in the practice of business transformation through Enterprise Architecture

Discover the features

For only $499 you can turn
Sparx Enterprise Architect into a fully fledged EA-tool

BEASI contains pre-configured structures based on the TOGAF ADM model, using ArchiMate as modelling language. The plugin provides templates, examples and tools that simplify the development and maintenance of your Enterprise Architecture projects. This will provide a kick start in your EA work with quick solutions to the most common problems.

To an Architect who is serious about adhering to global EA standards, BEASI provides enormous value considering that similar solutions are priced at around $6,700!

Core features

Folder structure for ADM-phases

A folder structure which highligts the most important steps and questions for each ADM phase complete with examples.

ArchiMate viewpoints

Every ArchiMate 3 viewpoint is defined with correct elements in the Sparx Toolbox.

Gap analysis

Structure and support for gap analysis including support for automatic generation of gap views based on baseline and target.

Consolidation of gaps

Automatic consolidation of all gaps identified in Phases B to D including tool support for identification and multi-tier analysis of gap dependencies.

Identification projects and transformation architectures

Tool support for grouping gaps into projects, deliverables and plateus.

Migration planning

Support for automatic generation of draft roadmap as represented by Architecture Definition Increments Table as well as templates for migration plans.


Support for generation of key TOGAF documents like the Architecture Definition Document.

Folder structure for EA repository

BEASI provides a folder structure for an EA Repository in accordance with TOGAF complete with examples.

Still not convinced?

Here's what our users are saying…

Great effort. This one plug-in looks like becoming the single most important enabler for people who wish to use Sparx EA to do Enterprise Architecture.

Jon McleodTrainer/Consultant, Enterprise Architects Pty Ltd

Before architecture teams invest in far more expensive big-vendor repository tools, try Sparx with BEASI. If you can't make Sparx+BEASI work, there's a high probability you would not have been more successful investing in a more expensive repository tool.

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BEASI Core Features

How to kickstart your EA work

Avoid the most common pitfalls of Enterprise Architecture work.
In this free PDF, we'll guide you through a work structure that enables you to do EA work painlessly. You'll learn how to:

  • Kickstart your EA project
  • Work and share with others
  • Reuse and life cycle