Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have a licence for Sparx Enter­prise Architect version 9.3 or later.
  2.   Download and install BEASI.

  3. Purchase a serial key for BEASI or get a free 30 days trial key.
  4. Start Sparx EA and enter your license key in the dialog that appears.
    Note! BEASI needs an open internet connection to get activated. If you are behind a firewall please contact Biner for an offline registration code.

    Note! Have you tried BEASI before? Then you will need an extended key, please contact us for assistance.
  5. Once Sparx EA launches, start a new project (CTRL+N) and save it.
  6. In the wizard dialog that opens automatically locate the Biner EASI technology and select BEASI tutorial.
  7. Wait for the tutorial to be created.
  8. Go to the project browser and locate the diagram BEASI tutorial.
  9. Double click on the segment you are interested in.

Need assistance?

You are also welcome to contact us on +46 (0)  31 743 07 80 or send us an email. Good luck with your EA work!

About Sparx Enterprise Architect 9.3

BEASI is a software plug-in for the modelling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect. You need a license for Sparx Enter­prise Architect version 9.3 or later in order to kick start your EA work with BEASI. Read more about Sparx Enterprise Architect or contact us if you need to purchase a license.