Pricing & Licensing

Standard Licenses

Standards licences can be used on one machine only. We offer standard licenses according to the following price model:

Buy BEASI standard licenses here

Number of licenses Discount Price per license (USD)




5-19 10% 449
20-100 20% 399
101+ 30% 349

Floating Licenses

We also offer floating licenses for concurrent users for the following price model:

Buy BEASI floating licenses here

Number of floating licenses Discount Price per floating license (USD)




5-19 10% 674
20-100 20% 599
101+ 30% 524

Maintenance & Support

Within the first year after you bought the licence of BEASI all new version upgrades, maintenance & support are included.
After the first year a fee of 50% of the licence fee will be charged every year for continued upgrade, maintenance & support.

Get you maintenance & support licences here.

Please note that you need a Sparx Enteprise Architect license in order to use BEASI.