BEASI - A plugin for Sparx Enterprise Architect


Below is our library of tutorial videos for various functions of the BEASI software plug-in. The videos can be used as reference points or to gain more of an understanding of how BEASI works and how it could be useful in your EA work.

Generating Documents

Share your Enterprise Architecture work by generating reports and documents. BEASI gives you access to the most common TOGAF deliverables with just a click of a button. If you rather want to publish your Architecture online, use the HTML Export built-in.

Nested Elements

Are you Nesting Elements when you create your models? Would you like to make sure that your models are consistent with the correct ArchiMate relationships? Take a look at this video on how BEASI can help you with just that.

Consolidate Gaps and Deriving Gap Dependencies

Quickly consolidate all the Gaps throughout your Architecture Development project with the automated Consolidated Gaps functionality in BEASI. The Gaps will be put in a new diagram and grouped by the Architecture Layers, Business, Data, Application, and Technology Architecture. BEASI will also give you the derived relationships between the Gaps.

Repository and ADM example

Are you getting started with Enterprise Architecture work? BEASI offers you a kickstart with deliverables, artifacts and building blocks ready to customize and use! Watch this tutorial video to learn more.

Clone Elements

Do you ever waste time modelling new elements that are just upgrades or copies of already existing ones? With the Clone Element feature you can clone existing elements with the literal click of a button, and all relations and attributes will follow. Perfect for when your architecture upgrades servers, software and applications. Or when you have multiple processes using the same servies, objects and interfaces.

Relationship Matrix

Enterprise Architecture work is not just about creating models and artifacts. The Relationship Matrix will enable you to do real and powerful analysis of your Enterprise Architecture. Take a look at this video to see how.

Generate Gap Diagrams

Speed-up your Architecture Development with the auto-generated Gap Diagrams in BEASI. By analyzing your Baseline and Target models BEASI will create your Gap Diagrams and highlight any changes.

Genereate Model from ArchiMate Viewpoint

Do you want to simplify the modeling for your users? With BEASI you get the ArchiMate Standard Viewpoints with customized toolboxes where only the relevant elements are shown. This reduces the learning-curve and improves consistency.

Generate ArchiMate Diagram from Element

Do your stakeholdes have concerns and interests that are not always addressed in your current models and artifacts? BEASI allows you to automatically generate a new view from any existing element in your Enterprise Architecture, letting you choose the relevant ArchiMate Viewpoint.